Tender.fi Docs


Alex Gierczyk - Strategy & Finance

DeFi Degen. Rare JPEG collector. Over 10 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur founding and exiting multiple companies. Formerly: Founder of ANG Ventures, eCommerce with over $100M in sales. Growth Director at Darkcoin. Creator of Starific mobile game. Entered cryptocurrency in 2011.

Eli Sakov - Engineering

10 years of experience in Silicon Valley. Active DeFi Investor. Founder of TransparencyDAO, Organizer of DAODenver. Formerly: Software Lead at Unspun, Lead Developer at Ondaka, Engineer#1 at Kaliber.ai, Founder at Invisible Analytics. Advisor to Sunya, Resnet.io, VIIRA.io, Crypto Castle.

Jack Ratkovich - Operations & BizDev

Ex-PwC. Investment analyst for an 8-figure crypto treasury. Serial entrepreneur. Masters degree from Cal Poly. Formerly: Founder of DeGenesis NFT, COO at Tempest Media Partners, Head of BizDev at Clearlight Apparel.

Ben Kanbour - Cryptomancer

Solidity Smart Contract Developer. Game Theory and Design specialist. DeFi Degen. Professional Swing Trader and Educator. Crypto Advisor. Former Restaurant/Club Owner. Co-Founder at Mini Metis.